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The following information is provided to explain the Associate Membership program and expectations for Associate Membership. General information on PYC is also included.

Associate Membership is established as a 12 month trial membership prior to acceptance of Family Membership. It will give you an opportunity to determine if you have real interest in sailing and club participation before committing to the initiation dues which is referred to as the Capital Assessment.  Associate Membership also gives the Club an opportunity to determine the degree to which you are willing to participate in club activities. Participation in all activities is expected. Associate member participation is monitored so that active results can lead to the offering of a family membership.

There is a ceiling of a total of 150 Family memberships. Associate members who meet the guidelines for participation are normally offered a full family membership at the end of one year, or as soon thereafter when a family membership becomes available.

To qualify for family membership, you are encouraged to:

• Be active in some form of sailing activity, including skippering, crewing and participating on race committee when assigned. Race committee assignments will be delegated by the Race Committee Chairperson

• Participate in work parties at a reasonable frequency.

• Participate in organized social activities at a reasonable frequency.

• Make full use of club facilities.

• Become acquainted with and interact with other club members. Attend a Board of Directors meeting and introduce yourself to the Board members.

      • Participate in "Learn to Sail" programs, including enrollment of children in Junior (summer) Sail Camp.


These guidelines have been established to promote activity and fellowship among PYC members.

Financial Obligation: As an Associate Member you are obligated to pay quarterly dues at the rate of $150 per quarter plus TN sales tax of $14.00. The Club Treasurer will send you a bill every quarter payable within 30 days. As an Associate Member you are allowed to keep a sailboat on a trailer in a dry sailing area if an opening is available.  However, Family Members get 1st priority and can “bump” an Associate Member. Cost of dry sailing is $7.50/month and will be included on your quarterly billing. Wet slips are available only to Family Members. Other than Club owned RC and work boats, only sailboats may be stored on club property. The Dockmaster assigns all locations for boat storage on Club property. Contact the Dockmaster for availability of wet and dry slips. At the end of one year or as soon as a Family Membership becomes available, Associate Members are eligible for Family Membership. Once approved for family Membership the member is obligated to pay the Family Class Initiation Fee (also known as the Capital Assessment) of $1,000.  

Voting: Associate Members have no voting privileges.

General Club Policies: The Club facilities are provided for the convenience of all members. Each member should use them and enjoy them to the extent that the member does not infringe on the right of others.

• Respect the property of others.

• Clean up your own debris. The Club has no full time employees.

• Parents should insure that children conduct themselves with decorum, particularly in and around the Clubhouse.

• Exercise good judgment in use of the telephone. It is provided for convenience and emergencies, not entertainment. Long distance telephone calls are at your own expense.

• Clubhouse supplies are provided for Club facilities and functions and are not for personal consumption.

• No smoking is allowed in the Clubhouse.

General Rules:

• Members are legally responsible for their actions and the actions of their children and guests while on Club property.

• Minor children will not be permitted in the Clubhouse or on the grounds after 9pm unless escorted by a parent or adult Club member.

• Do not board other people's boats without permission.

• Children are not permitted in the storeroom, and are not to handle the stereo system, marine base station (radio), or computer equipment.

• Dogs are not allowed on weekends from May through September. Dogs must be leashed at all times while on Club premises.

• Lock the gate on the way in and out. The Clubhouse telephone number is 877-9411.

Swimming Rules:

• Since the Club has no lifeguard, members are responsible for the conduct and safety of

   their children and guest.

• No running or horseplay on docks.

• Swimming off other people's boats without permission is prohibited.

• Swimming is prohibited between the inboard dock and the ramp and boat rack area.

• Children are not permitted to swim off the front dock without adult supervision.

Activities: Social, racing and junior activities are scheduled on a regular basis. Normally a club social is held once during a month and may coincide with scheduled regatta socials. As an Associate Member you will be requested to provide assistance at socials. Some of the traditional socials include; New Year’s Eve, New Year's Day, Burning-In Party for outgoing Commodore, St. Patrick's Day, Fourth of July, Christmas Party and the Annual Awards Banquet in January. The schedule of social and racing activities is posted on the PYC web site. The web address is www.privateeryachtclub.org . Check the web page often for the schedule of upcoming events. The web page also has a membership directory and copies of the minutes of the Board of Directors meetings in the newsletters, "The Private Ear."

Racing: Racing is the foundation upon which PYC is built and is the most important activity at PYC. Races are held throughout the year.

Race Committee: The race committee is the official person who starts the races, conducts the races, and records the finishes. All members who are physically able are required to perform Race Committee duties. The Racing Chairperson on the Board of Directors delegates this responsibility. Seminars on the performance of RC duty are held from time to time, but the best way to learn is to participate with someone who knows what to do. It is a practice to pair up experienced members with inexperienced members for this duty. If you are unable to perform this duty when assigned, it is your responsibility to find another qualified member to be there in your place.

Racing is scheduled year round. Keel boats race on Saturday afternoons with a 1 pm starting gun depending upon the racing season. Beginning in mid-April and continuing through October One-Design dinghies are raced on Sundays with a starting time at 2:30 pm. As daylight permits, usually from mid April to the end of August, Wednesday night races are scheduled at 7 pm. Race committee should arrive at least one hour early. Race committee instruction is offered aboard the RC boat during the year, or just volunteer to help out to get experience for your turn.

Historically one-design dinghy fleets have included; Snipes, Highlanders, Flying Scots, Optimists, Lasers, CR914 (RC model boat), MC Scows and the Melges M14s. Most of these fleets still have some level of activity today. We have also had one design activity in a few keel boat classes including Catalina 22, J24, and S2 7.9. Participation in one of the Fleets is encouraged and Associate Members should contact the Fleet Captains. PYC is a member of the Dixie Yacht Racing Association (DYRA). DYRA posts regatta schedules of all member clubs, helps organize educational opportunities, promotes junior sailing activities, and helps sponsor U. S. Sailing “Ladder Events”. Traditional annual regattas at PYC include; The Chattanooga Challenge (Catalina 22’s); Choo Choo Regatta (Flying Scots), The Scowabunga Regatta (MC Scows), Spring PHRF Regatta, The Dog Days Regatta (single handed regatta), The Halloween Regatta (Keel Boats) and the Pig (Keel Boat pursuit race).

Racing is PYC’s most important activity. Associate members are highly encouraged to participate in racing activities either as skippers of their own boat or as a crew member of someone else’s boat.


Most skippers sail short-handed and welcome additional crew. Experience is not necessary as long as you are willing to learn. Make yourself available to skippers by being on the clubhouse porch before race time. If you are a new skipper racing is the quickest way to learn how to handle your boat. Experienced skippers are willing to go with you on your boat to improve your experience and confidence level.

The Officers and Board of Directors includes the following positions

• Commodore

• Vice-Commodore

• Rear-Commodore

• Secretary

• Treasurer

• Four Board Members

   (two serving staggered 2 year terms and two serving staggered one year terms. )

• Past Commodore

Areas of responsibility are assigned to the Board members by the Commodore depending on their individual talents or areas of expertise. Assignments usually include Racing, Membership, Clubhouse & Grounds Maintenance, Dockmaster, Club Boat Maintenance and Social.

See the PYC web site under the Board of Directors link for the current slate of Officers.

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