Application for Junior Membership

Junior membership is open to sailors Ages 8 to 24 years old. Children of Family and Associate members living at home are considered to be Junior members. Otherwise to be come a Junior member you must submit an application and a check for $39.33 annual dues (which includes $36 membership plus TN sales tax). The purpose of the Junior Membership is to provide affordable access to the club grounds and facilities at an early age.

Benefits of Junior Membership:

  • Be listed on PYC’s membership roster and receive monthly copies of the Private Ear, our monthly newsletter and all club announcements.
  • Have access with user name and password to the members only section of the PYC web site.
  • A Junior Member may get qualified to sail Club owned Sailboats. They and any friends or crew must wear a Type III PFD at all times when on the docks or sailing. (Note: A Junior Sailor under the age of 21 must be supervised by an adult PYC Member at all times while on the property or when sailing either a club or privately-owned sailboat. The club has a check off procedure which qualifies members to use club owned boats which also applies to Junior Members. Being in Sail Camp still requires a check off to sail Club owned sailboats.)
  • A Junior Member may apply and pay for 1 dry slip boat storage space but cannot lease a wet slip.
  • At age 25 a sailor may apply for Associate Membership and once they are accepted as a full Member they can apply and pay for a wet slip. (Associates Members cannot lease a wet slip.)
  • Once a junior member reaches the age of 25 they must become an Associate member to continue their PYC membership status.
  • Junior Members may not schedule the use of the clubhouse for functions. This can be accomplished by using a PYC Family Member to apply and be on site during the function.
  • Junior Members must conform to all the rules, regulations and bylaws set forth by Privateer Yacht Club Inc.

The application for Junior Membership can be accessed by clicking here.  Print out the form, complete it, mail it or submit it to the PYC Board Membership Chairman, or place it in the appropriate mail box located in the Regatta Room.

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