Choosing the right boat for you is a highly personal decision. Your perfect boat will depend on your physical characteristics, your sailing style and your intended use for the boat. We recommend that everyone delay the purchase of a boat until they have been a associated with the Club for a while and get an opportunity to try a few different types of boats and meet the people who sail the different them. We also recommend that you participate as crew in our weekend and Wednesday night Club Races.   However, most people are understandably anxious to own and sail their own boat. We have seen many new sailors make very big and expensive mistakes by purchasing a boat that is inappropriate for their intended use or is inappropriate for the inland lake conditions under which we sail. In order to help new members avoid such mistakes we have made a short list of three recommended boats for use at Privateer Yacht Club. All of these boats perform very well in Lake Chickamauga and all have active fleets in Privateer Yacht Club.


Purchasing a boat that has an active fleet has several advantages. The fleet will help teach you about the boat and how to sail it. They will also encourage your participation in fleet and club activities.


All of these recommended boats can be purchased new or used at a reasonable price and all have good resale value and a ready market if you decide that you would like to move on to another boat.



MC Scow

The MC Scow is a very popular inland lake boat. It is 16 feet in length and weighs 420lbs. It is usually sailed single handed, but is large enough to take along one other person. It is the newest fleet in PYC. Reasonably good used boats can be purchased for around $2,500 and up. The list price on a new boat is $10,975. The boat is very easy to trailer and the fleet regularly travels to regattas around the region. The MC Class web site is . The MC Fleet captain at PYC is Steve Sherman 423-875-4040

Flying Scot


The Flying Scot is a 19 foot boat usually sailed by two people, but sometimes in very strong winds is sailed by three. It weighs 850lbs. It is large enough to carry as many as four comfortably. It is a very stable and very comfortable boat. The Flying Scot is very popular in the Southeast and there are many regattas held around the region. It is very easy to trailer. Used boats are available for around $2,500 and up. The list price on a new boat is $13,400. The Flying Scot class web site is . The Flying Scot Fleet captain at PYC is Paul Healy 892-1838


Catalina 22


The Catalina 22 is the only self righting keel boat listed here. It is also the only boat that has any interior accommodation. It is 22 feet long and weighs 2,275 lbs. It is usually raced with two people, but can carry four or more. Although not as easy as the lightweight boats listed above, it is still very easy to trailer with a pick up truck or other large vehicle. C 22’s are actively sailed all over the United States and there are several active fleets in Tennessee and Georgia. Fleet 95 at Privateer is the largest fleet of Catalina 22’s in the country and sponsors lots of racing and cruising activities. It is very versatile and can also be used for overnighters. Used boats are available for as little as $1,000 and up. A new Catalina 22 sport lists for $12,790. The Catalina 22 web site is . Bill Robertson 423-870-8334 is the PYC fleet captain.

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