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John Roberts
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2014 Rules -

1.  Boats will be scored separately in either the Spinnaker or Non Spinnaker fleet.

2.  All boats are ellibible to compete in either the Spinnaker or Non Spinnaker fleets and may be scored in either or both for the season.

3.  A skipper must choose his fleet prior to the warning signal for each race and notify the RC.  After the warning signal, that choice may not be changed until the next race.  The race committee must mark the score sheet for each boat as either spinnaker or non spinnaker prior to the warning signal for each race.

4.  Both fleets will sail together with one start, but will be scored separately.

5.  In order for a race to elligible for scoring for a fleet, there must be a minimum of 3 boats racing in that fleet.  As a courtesy, boats racing unofficially in an ineligible fleet are requested to keep clear of boats officially racing.

6.  All boats will be handicapped using the average PHRF rating as published by U S Sailing.

7.  Boats racing in the non spinnaker fleet will be given a 15 second addition to their PHRF base rating unless it is appealed to and adjusted by the PYC PHRF Committee.  The Catalina 22 will be rated with its base rating  whether sailing in the spinnaker or non spinnaker fleet.

8.  Boats sailing non spinnaker with an over length whisker pole will be given a 9 second addition to their base PHRF rating, with the exception of the Catalina 22, whose base rating assumes the class legal, over length pole.

9. There will be a 2 hour time limit for each fleet for each race.  If no boat within a particular fleet finishes within 2 hours, the race will be abandoned for that fleet.

10.  In order to qualify for year end awards, a boat must sail in 10 races or 1/2 of the races sailed for the season, whichever is less.

11.  All boats will be scored using the same number of races, either 1/2 of the races sailed by the fleet or 10 races, whichever is less.  All races in excess of the minimum will be considered throw outs.

12.  Qualifying boats will be ranked by their total score of qualifying races for the season from the lowest to the highest, with the lowest score winning.

13 Ties will be broken in the following manner.

             A.  Comparison of qualifying races.  i.e. Who had the most 1st's, 2nd's, 3rd's, etc.

             B.  If still tied, then comparison of throw outs. i.e. Who had the most 1st's, 2nd's, 3rd's, etc.

             C.  If still tied, then who beat who the most in head to head competition.

             D.  If still tied, then who had the lowest overall average score for the season including all the races the boat participated in.

             E.  If still tied, then they are tied.

2014 Saturday PHRF Results

Individual Race Results

Race 1      Race 2      Race 3       Race 4       Race 5       Race 6       Race 7       Race 8     

Race 9     Race 10      Race 11      Race 12     Race 13     Race 14     Race 15      Race 16    

Race 17      Race 18      Race 19      Race 20     Race 21     Race 22   Race 23     Race 24

Race 25     Race 26     Race 27     Race 28    Race 29     Race 30     Race 31     Race 32    

2013 Saturday PHRF Final Results

Individual Race Results

Race 1    Race 11    Race 21    Race 31

Race 2    Race 12    Race 22    Race 32

Race 3    Race 13    Race 23    Race 33

Race 4    Race 14    Race 24    Race 34

Race 5    Race 15    Race 25    Race 35

Race 6    Race 16    Race 26    Race 36

Race 7    Race 17    Race 27    Race 37 

Race 8    Race 18    Race 28     Race 38 

 Race 9    Race 19    Race 29     Race 39 

Race 10  Race 20    Race 30     Race 40 

Race 41    Race 42    Race 43    Race 44

Race 45    Race 46    Race 47    Race 48