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With all the one-design sailboats we have had a PYC why is the MC Scow an important addition? About 10 years ago a group of PYC sailors would get out on Tuesday evenings and sail Lasers.  Mike Hester a long gone member started this fun evening of sailing. No scores were kept, we had a grill on the committee boat, everyone shared boats and even our wives and girl friends participated. It was a hoot and all had fun. Most of us have grown older and were we still sailing the Laser most of us would be turning over at the dock just trying to get on the boat.  The MC on other hand is a very stable boat. A 200 pound person can walk the rail and the boat hardly tilts. The boat is fairly heavy at 425 pounds but that means it is not weight sensitive. A 230 pound person is as competitive as a 150 pounder. The boat requires no crew but crews are allowed. Not requiring a crew makes it easier to come out sail and have a good time. There are over 20 regattas here in the south. Our local Regatta draws between 30 and 40 boats making it rewarding to put the effort in planning Scowabunga our invitational event. Even though we are a new fleet at PYC we have pretty good participation which makes it exciting.  Older boats can be bought for as little as $1000 and all the MC’s are pretty evenly matched. Those of us that sail the MC are pretty well hooked. Comments from members: "Easy to learn”, “Simple to travel with”, “The most fun I've ever had in a sailboat", "Fleet members have helped me become a better sailor improving my skills in boat handling and tactics". We hope some of the rest of the club will borrow an MC and try it out. You’ll find it an exciting experience.

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