FIBERGLASS CLOTH, ROVING & MATTE and several types of bi-axial in two different widths.  If anyone needs any such material for repairs, etc., just contact Gary Smith at 423-653-9923 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Gary isn't expecting payment for small quantities as he inherited all this "stuff" with a "free" Star boat he was given about 5 years ago.  Larger lengths are negotiable, but cheap!

SAILS FOR SALE (from Jan Shepherd, but call Kent Kindervater 423-255-5969)

               120 6 GENOA (labeled as)

Luff 36'8"; Leech 35'7"; Foot 20'6" - North Sails, average condition. One window patch spanning two panels.  New spreader patch, wire luff with piston hanks (#2's). Restitching on leech.  Telltale window.  Woven dacron has seen some sun, seam stick bleeding through on all seams.

                WORKING JIB #3

Luff 34'; Leech 31'; Foot 13'9" - Gaastra Holland, above average.  Mitre cut w/ 36" panels.  6.5 oz. converted to 6" luff tape.  Clew has #10 hand sewn ring w/ bronze liner.  Some corrosion, norepairs.  Wire pennant double stitched w/ new leech and foot covers.

                LIGHT AIR GENOA

Luff 35'7"; Leech 37'; Foot 23' - Hild sails with light air sheets.  Lightly used 3 oz. utility dacron.  #6 Luff tape.  36" panels double stitched.  Very light construction.  No leech damage from spreaders, one patch.